Thursday, May 5, 2011

::: two :::

I have a TWO year old.

Who likes to:

Count one, two, free (three)!
Sing Abc's, twinkle twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider, praise him, jesus loves me, oh happy day, and of course a little baby baby (justin bieber).
Eat greek yogurt.
Eat any sort of gum or candy.
Drink milk from starbucks. Everytime we drive by one she says somilk (some milk).
Play at the park.
Read books.
Talk about her sweet friends.
Talk to just about everyone we see out and about.
Water the yard and plants.
Watch Thomas and Sid the Science Kid.
You have moments for tantrums (they aren't horrible), but it's 95% of time over food! You know what you want.
You've started picking out what you want to wear in the mornings.

Proud to be a mom to such a sweet girl and excited to see what your life holds!

::: in other news :::

Our house is pretty much all together. Of course, there are some things we'd like to do beyond what we've done, but it'll happen!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

23 Months

Oh, my Eisley. You are FULL of life every moment. Can't imagine life without you.

You LOVE to be outside, sing dance and eat!

I started writing this last month for 21 months so I'm finishing it now.

Some of my favorite things you say:

Wing (Ring)
Burder (Burger)
Timmy (book)
Cookie Monster (book)
When you count you go one, two, five
When you sing the alphabet you say......A,b,c, b
Bees (blueberries)
Toffee (coffee) you actually say coffee...oddly enough you love all kinds of coffee. You see it in the most random places.
Pepper (Dr. Pepper)...I have no idea how you know what this is, but you do!!
When you sneeze you say bless you. You've started saying bless you, dada to people because I guess your daddy sneezes a lot.
When you really want something you shake your head yes as your saying it.
When we watch Wheel of Fortune you yell random letters and yay.
You are starting to talk about some of your friends, especially Allie, Riley and Jubilee. You also talk about all your family members all the time!!
When I drop you off with my parents you usually just tell me bye before I even get you in their house!
You haven't been sleeping through the night very well - since the end of November you've had 3 ear infections and I think it's really messed up with your sleep patterns. Your room is directly behind ours so it's really hard on all of us! I would say you sleep through the night about every other night. Last night was one of them - praise the Lord!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

86 years old

I love our house!

Established ::: 1925

It definitely has some quirks, but it makes life a little interesting sometimes. Like the fact that pest control has been out three times this week. We've got 2 possums and a raccoon who have made their home under our bathtub. Bleh! Eisley runs around in the morning saying "it's a possum, it's a possum!"

Some of my favorite things are the front porch, the back deck, the wood floors, our sweet neighbors, the massive trees, did I mention the front porch???, the original windows, old school door knobs, and our secret upstairs media room. We are so close to everything that we love to do besides our church.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More meal planning......

January 16-

Lunch- Chicken enchiladas

Dinner- Breakfast (waffles, eggs, bacon)

Dessert- Peanut butter/chocolate fudge

January 17-

Breakfast- Leftover waffles

Lunch- Bean and Cheese Nachos

Dinner- Mexican Style Tacos – steak, cilantro, onions

January 18-

Breakfast- Leftover waffles

Lunch- Leftover enchilada’s

Dinner- Steak, asparagus, potoatos au grautin, salad

January 19-

Breakfast- cereal

Lunch- French toast pizza

Dinner- Crab legs, fondue, salad

January 20-

Breakfast- eggs, cereal

Lunch- French toast pizza or hot pockets

Dinner- Spaghetti and Meatballs, bread, sugar snap peas

January 21-

Breakfast- eggs, waffles

Lunch -Out

Dinner- out to dinner

January 22-

Breakfast- Panera

Lunch- Frozen chicken and farfala

Dinner- Steak, sweet potato fries

January 23rd-29th


Lunch- out

Dinner- breakfast- eggs, bacon, blueberry waffles


Lunch- tuna sandwhiches

Dinner- easy chicken santa fe

Black beans

Frozen sweet corn


Cream cheese

Chicken (canned)




Lunch- leftover chicken santa fe

Dinner- fried round steak

Cube steak

Potatoes au grautin-package


Lunch-cube steak sandwhiches

Dinner- salmon patties, cheese grits, asparagus


Lunch-french bread pizza

Dinner- Roast

Roast, carrots, salad, potatoes (freezer)


Lunch- leftover roast beef sandwhiches




Dinner- with friends

January 30- February 5


Lunch- out

Dinner- shrimp pitas


Lunch- French bread pizzas

Dinner- chicken gyros, yogurt sauce, cucumber/tomato/red onion, hummus


Lunch- leftover chicken

Dinner- gumbo


Lunch- leftover gumbo

Dinner- Spaghetti


Lunch- leftover spaghetti

whole chicken, salad


Lunch- leftover chicken

Dinner- out


Lunch- out

Dinner- chicken frozen dinner

Favorite Shows

Well if you saw our DVR it would be full of these shows:

Top Gear USA

Some people might not like this show since it's not like the BBC version, but I actually enjoy watching it with Daniel. I think I get some extra wife points for watching this one :)

The Good Wife

Oh man, I just love this show. That's all I can say. So much involved and I love the cases they try. It makes me secretly want to be a lawyer. I jokingly told Daniel he could go to law school the other night and I'd support the family and then I realized he'd have to finish college first. I think he'd be a great attorney!!

Selling New York

I mostly just love this show because of the crazy commissions and the outrageous properties.

Royal Pains

We'll see how this show pans out this season-if it gets too crazy I'll stop watching it. I just enjoy looking at the "Hamptons". Although, a friend told us that they actually don't film it in the Hamptons. Oh well. It's still beautiful.

Gilmore Girls

My all time favorite show. It's something between me and my mom..we can just laugh about the craziest things on this show. For Christmas she got me a bag full of jokes from Gilmore Girls (A hello kitty alarm clock, pop tarts, a tote from a make up counter, season 4 of Gilmore girls, and much more!) It was a great gift.

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

MMMM.. Just watching this show makes me hungry. It's glorious. Daniel got me the recipe book for Christmas which has his recipes and his opponents recipes from the throwdown. I'm excited to try out some of these recipes.

American Pickers

These guys are hillarious and they know so much about everything they are "picking".

So, what are your favorite shows???

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in Review!

I don't think anything too exciting happened last January or February besides trying to build our business'.

We sold our second house in March.

Our baby girl turned 1 in April.

We bought our 3rd house..that's right 3rd. Lived with my parents for 2 months while we looked for our third house. We closed at the end of May. We finally have it completed inside. Of course, we have some other things we want to do, but everything downstairs except for the bathroom and wall colors is done. I'll post a blog about that with pictures soon :)

Became an aunt to Josiah Samuel.

Celebrated 3 years of marriage followed by a trip to Greece. We left the day after our anniversary although it was for a work trip we still had a lot of fun and were able to get away just the two of us and enjoy each other!

I was at our women's conference in July (I think) and really felt like God was impressing upon me to quit real estate. It was a test of faith for me. We had been depending on the income since Daniel started his company this past November. I felt like I was running ragged most of the time..dropping Eisley off here, doing open houses here, writing contracts, answering nine o'clock phone calls from a buyer. I was pretty successful as a part time agent so I didn't want to give up the income, but "His ways are higher than our ways. (Isa 55:9)". He has once again proven faithful. I knew he would and being obedient ended with a weight lifted instead of a burden on our finances.

Eisley started Mother's Day Out in August which coincided with me phasing out of real estate and working with Daniel at Concept Culture ( I had my last closing in October. I can now refer business and make a referral fee so I've kept my license for now to see what I end up doing in the long haul.

I started working with Daniel 3 days a week keeping the books and running errands. Hoping it turns into more, but for now I've been catching up on all 2010 and organizing everything.

Since Eisley started Mother's Day out she finally goes into the nursery at church so I am able to get involved again. She would scream hysterically for over the first year of her life. That is definitely an answered prayer of mine. She loves her teachers at church and at MDO. She is learning so much and I am going to blog about her later :)

Lost our second baby at the beginning of November. That was one thing I would've never expected, but again "HIS WAYS ARE HIGHER THAN OUR WAYS".

Overall this year I think I've just learned to trust a little more. Trust without knowing the why. Or understanding the whole situation.

Praying that 2011 is a year where we see lots of growth. Perhaps of our family, friends, relationships, seeing people saved, seeing lives changed, and our business growing. Most of all I just want to see God move in ways he never has before in my life. I want to depend on Him every day and every moment. I'm excited to see what He has in store for us, our friends, and our families.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu Planning

Thanks to my friend Tori Rieger for getting me excited about menu planning again! I've been researching online for recipe's the last few weeks to spice things up a bit!

Sunday night: Nacho's


Lunch- Sandwiches
Dinner- Chicken Scaloppine, broccoli and salad

I've never made this recipe so I am hoping it's good! I had it at Macaroni Grill a few weeks ago (it was so good!!) and will cut out some of the butter. It calls for FOUR sticks!!


Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner- Chicken Cacciatore, potatoes au grautin, and salad


Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner- Sandwiches or grab dinner on the way to church :)


Lunch- Tuna salad
Dinner- Out with friends to see the Grinch and dinner!


Lunch-Out to lunch or soup and sandwhiches/salad
Dinner- Spaghetti, green beans, and salad


Lunch- BLT's
Dinner-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and salad

I haven't decided if I am going to do the bacon on the meatloaf..I don't have a broiler pan and the grease would just soak in the meatloaf...yuck!

Happy Menu Planning!